The Siamese Cat Joint Advisory Committee


Chairman  Mr J Trotter  e-mail
Vice-Chairman  Mrs Y Marriott  e-mail
Secretary  Mrs B Pearce  e-mail
Treasurer  Mr C Martin  e-mail

Constituent Clubs

Blue-Pointed Siamese Cat Club   Caramel and Apricot Federation
The Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club   Lilac Point Siamese Cat Society
Midshires Siamese Cat Association   Northern Siamese & Oriental Cat Society
Oriental Cinammon and Fawn Group   The Red Point and Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club  
Seal-Point Siamese Cat Club   The Siamese Cat Association
The Siamese Cat Club   Siamese Cat Society of Scotland
Tabby Point Siamese and Progressive Breeders Cat Club   Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat Society
Trans-Pennine Siamese and Oriental Cat Club   The Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire

Associate Clubs

The Balinese & Siamese Cat Club