This page attempts to collect those communications which the SCJAC has sent to all judges of Siamese in the past and which are still relevant. There is no claim that it is complete, though that will be improved over time.

'Wrong Colouring'
The SCJAC recommends that judges 'wrong colour' exhibits (particularly young kittens whose colour is still developing) only if they are absolutely certain that the colour is not as registered. This does not mean that a cat whose colour raises questions in a judge's mind as to whether it is as registered should not be faulted for its poor colour.

Concern has arisen over some aspects of assessments undertaken by probationer judges, possibly by confusing the rules for them with those for tutorials.

The probationer should understand that the choice of cats to be judged in the assessment is the prerogative of the full judge.
Cats are required to be placed in classes specified by the full judge. In the absence of any special division, the probationer is expected to place all the cats in a single class.

In choosing cats to be considered in the assessment, full judges should remember that it is preferable for these not to be kittens. The number of cats chosen is up to the full judge (with a maximum specified in the rules of 5), but in the interests of providing a reasonable test, the more cats involved the better. In particular an assessment should not be performed on just a single cat (however necessary such assessments may be for minority breeds with poor presence at shows).